Main window layout

The feature that I’m currently working on is adding subcircuits. This is relatively complex, but doing this well is central to Toves’ design, potentially cutting across all layers of its design, so I want to tackle it early.

I’m beginning, naturally, with the interface for managing circuits. In Logisim, to the left you find the canvas, to the left of which you find the “explorer pane” with the “attribute table” below it. In the explorer pane, you find a list of the loaded “libraries,” including the project’s subcircuits as the first “library”. So far, what I’ve implemented for Toves is basically the same. The only significant difference is in terminology: I’m planning to call this the “toolbox” with “drawers” (rather than an explorer pane with libraries). But the appearance is identical.

(On a tablet, screen real estate is more precious, so I think the toolbox wouldn’t always be visible. Instead, there’d be an icon of a toolbox, which when tapped would pop up basically the same structure (though shown as an accordion rather than as a tree). On a desktop computer, being able to see the toolbox continuously seems a good way to use the extra real estate – plus clicking an icon is more laborious with a mouse than with a finger.)

I’d like to think about this more creatively, but ultimately I’m not coming up with good alternatives.